8 Kanban Board Templates for Agile Marketing

  • Simple Scrum board template - A simple Scrum board template with just four columns.
  • Simple Scrumban board template - A simple Scrumban board template that demonstrates the use of Ready queues.
  • Content Marketing board template - A simple flow for content marketing. Modify to reflect your own content marketing process.
  • Demand Generation board template - A simple board for tracking demand generation activities, thos board demonstrates the use of Swimlanes and how to implement the 70-20-10 rule of marketing innovation.
  • Marketing Operations board template  - A simple marketing operations board template that demonstrates how to map processes that require processing before they are ready for your main workflow.
  • Product Marketing board template - A simple board for tracking product marketing actiities, including not only what you're already working on, but also what you're planning to work on.
  • Event Management board template - Many people believe that Event Management isn't well suited to Agile because they equate Agile with Scrum. But by using Kanban, Event Management teams can track their work visually. This board also demonstrates the use of a calendar.
  • PR & Social Media board template - PR & Social Media are two other areas that people believe can't be Agile. This board demonstrates a typical social media workflow.

Templates: Here is my gift to you: eight Leankit user-defined templates for Agile marketing teams. All I ask in return is your name and email address.

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